Introducing Will & Those First Six Months in Practice

Will pic


Hello everyone, Jodi has asked me to help contribute to the Clinic’s Blog so I thought the best way to start would be to introduce myself, so those I haven’t had the good fortune to meet and treat can get to know me a little better.

I grew up on my parent’s farm just outside Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, a very keen sportsman playing Rugby and Cricket, as well as fishing and clay and game shooting. As many of you sportsmen and women out there will know it is unusual to go through a sporting career without any injuries and I was no exception, although I think my poor parents would tell you I had more than my fair share with many an afternoon spent in the accident and emergency department at Cheltenham General Hospital.

I managed to make it through school and college in one piece, to have my rugby days ended at uni after a particularly bad shoulder injury. Needless to say throughout all these injuries and subsequent therapies to get me going again, I developed quite an interest in the whole area, which I suspect influenced my decision to train to be a Chiropractor.

5 Years later I am qualified and have the good fortune to be working in a fabulous clinic in Quorn.

I am now half way through my first year in practice and it has been quite the roller coaster ride. Further developing my examination and diagnostic abilities as well as my adjusting skills and really cementing my beliefs in the benefits that Chiropractic can provide, not just in relieving mechanical pain but also the longer term health benefits from a properly functioning and unimpeded nervous system.

Those who I have treated will know that my primary and go-to technique is the McTimoney technique, a low force and full body adjusting technique suitable for everyone from newborns to those well into their nineties and beyond. Interspersed with some Diversified and Gonstead (with those lovely pops and clicks) some TRT (the clicky thing) and soft tissue work (massage) and not forgetting the all important rehab exercises (I hope everyone has been remembering to do theirs!).

Hopefully this hasn’t bored you all too much and you’ve gleaned a bit more of an insight into myself as a person and a chiropractor.

I look forward to contributing further to this blog, heavily influenced by some of my particular areas of interest, and look forward to seeing you all in the treating room.

I know I’ve said it already but don’t forget those exercises!

Will Gilder BSc MChiro DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)


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