Gardening Season

Gardening has been shown to reduce stress, provides exercise and gets you outside, but there is a reason that spring is our busiest time of year in clinic as it coincides with the start of the gardening season.

Gardening is like any other sport, you need to warm up first to avoid muscle strain or injuring your back. Maybe go for a 10-15 minute walk before the real work begins to get the blood flowing and warm up the muscles. Start off with the smaller jobs first before getting into the heavier work.

Whilst pruning, avoid over-stretching or invest in some long-handled secateurs. kneel or squat and use a knee pad for the weeding and planting. Use the right sized and weight tools for each job. Avoid leaning and over reaching when using a ladder and always have someone to support the ladder, so it’s not unsteady.

For lifting the heavier items, keep the item close to your body, bend your knees and keep your back straight. Let your the big muscles in your thighs take the strain off your lower back. For big bags of soil or compost split them into smaller bags or use a wheelbarrow. If you are having deliveries, have them delivered as close to the site that you are working on.

Be careful of bargains at the garden centre or DIY store, that half price compost may be a bargain, but is carrying it to the car going to cost you an injury or an extra trip to see your chiropractor? Buy smaller bags that are easier to carry.

The trick with gardening is to vary your tasks. Don’t spend more than twenty minutes on one job, mix up your workload. Take regular breaks and stay hydrated. Plan frequent breaks, don’t overdo it and mind your posture.

After a day in the garden do some gentle stretches to cool down and use heat or ice on your lower back. If it feels more muscular use heat, if it feels more joint based then use ice. Don’t forget your regular adjustments with your chiropractor to keep you mobile and active.

The British Chiropractic Association have produced a helpful video and advice sheet on how to avoid injuries whilst gardening:


November Chills

Lately in clinic we have seen an increase in muscular problems around the neck and shoulders. This seems to be related to the recent change in weather. When we are cold we have the tendency to lift our shoulders towards our ears to try and keep ourselves warm. This can then over-activate the muscles in the neck, shoulders & back. The solution?

  • Ensure that you wear warm clothing. I know that this is difficult at this time of year with the dilemma of not knowing what to wear as the weather is quite autumnally interchangeable. The key to autumnal fashion is layers, then you can take off a layer if you are too hot, and add extra layers if you aren’t warm enough
  • Try and focus on keeping a good posture by holding your shoulders in a relaxed position rather than a tense one
  • Warm your muscles in the evening to keep them supple. Use a heat pad, a wheat bag or a hot water bottle on your upper back/lower neck for 20 minutes
  • Regular stretching of the neck and shoulder muscles throughout the day

As a chiropractor it is difficult to give the prescription of icing at this time of year, as we want to warm ourselves in autumn and winter not make ourselves colder. However, if you have a complaint that is inflammatory in nature, ice is the better option. If you are unsure if you should use ice or heat then contact your chiropractor for advice.

Shooting Season & Chiropractic

Shooting Injuries

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in my last post, much of what I put on here, as well as (hopefully) being informative and of interest, will be influenced by the passions in my life.

One of those passions (besides Chiropractic, ice packs and the rehab exercises I know you’ve all been doing) is shotgun shooting. This was a sport I was introduced to at an early age but one I only really got into after numerous injuries forced me to give up other sports, particularly rugby.

The reason I choose this particular topic for my second blog post is the recent start of the game shooting season in England and Wales on the 12th August, with partridge season following close behind on the 1st September and the recent start of the pheasant season 1st October. So I know many of you shooters if you haven’t been keeping your eye in clay shooting over the summer months will soon be starting to.

For those not familiar, shooting is a sport of precision and due to its repetitive nature one that requires a surprising level of endurance. Although technically a static sport injuries may be experienced from doing the same thing over and over again, and thus putting a toll on the body physically. Also let’s not forget the recoil of the gun every time the trigger is pulled which has been measured reaching over 6000 lbs of force within 0.5 milliseconds.

So what sort of injuries can a regular shooter be subjected to?

Shooters are prone to a range of problems including:

  • Headaches

  • Neck and jaw pain

  • Mid and lower back pain

  • Shoulder and arm pain

  • Hip, knee and ankle pain

Due to prolonged postural stresses, impact from the recoil of the gun or, more often than not, a combination of the two.

So we’ve spoken a little about what problems you could experience, so how about treating them?

As chiropractors we are trained to assess and treat all of the areas of the body listed above. Not only can we help treat any current injuries but we can give you help and advice on preventing the return of any injuries as well as keeping them at bay to start with.

Treatment can take the form of gentle manipulation or mobilisation of the joints as well as a combination of soft tissue work and everyone’s favourite rehab exercises. As well as advice on conditioning and preparing the body for shooting. Warming up and cooling down are as important in shooting as in any sport.

There is a lot more detail that we could go into on the different injuries and the reasons why shooting may be the cause them but I fear you would all soon be snoring.

However if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:

Tel – 01509 414796

Email –

I am currently offering free 15 minute spine checks where you will get the opportunity to discuss any problems (shooting related or not) to see if chiropractic is right for you.

Will Gilder BSc MChiro DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Introducing Will & Those First Six Months in Practice

Will pic


Hello everyone, Jodi has asked me to help contribute to the Clinic’s Blog so I thought the best way to start would be to introduce myself, so those I haven’t had the good fortune to meet and treat can get to know me a little better.

I grew up on my parent’s farm just outside Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, a very keen sportsman playing Rugby and Cricket, as well as fishing and clay and game shooting. As many of you sportsmen and women out there will know it is unusual to go through a sporting career without any injuries and I was no exception, although I think my poor parents would tell you I had more than my fair share with many an afternoon spent in the accident and emergency department at Cheltenham General Hospital.

I managed to make it through school and college in one piece, to have my rugby days ended at uni after a particularly bad shoulder injury. Needless to say throughout all these injuries and subsequent therapies to get me going again, I developed quite an interest in the whole area, which I suspect influenced my decision to train to be a Chiropractor.

5 Years later I am qualified and have the good fortune to be working in a fabulous clinic in Quorn.

I am now half way through my first year in practice and it has been quite the roller coaster ride. Further developing my examination and diagnostic abilities as well as my adjusting skills and really cementing my beliefs in the benefits that Chiropractic can provide, not just in relieving mechanical pain but also the longer term health benefits from a properly functioning and unimpeded nervous system.

Those who I have treated will know that my primary and go-to technique is the McTimoney technique, a low force and full body adjusting technique suitable for everyone from newborns to those well into their nineties and beyond. Interspersed with some Diversified and Gonstead (with those lovely pops and clicks) some TRT (the clicky thing) and soft tissue work (massage) and not forgetting the all important rehab exercises (I hope everyone has been remembering to do theirs!).

Hopefully this hasn’t bored you all too much and you’ve gleaned a bit more of an insight into myself as a person and a chiropractor.

I look forward to contributing further to this blog, heavily influenced by some of my particular areas of interest, and look forward to seeing you all in the treating room.

I know I’ve said it already but don’t forget those exercises!

Will Gilder BSc MChiro DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Beds, Back Pain & Goldilocks

At this time of year we see a lot of bed related back problems in clinic. The summer season can highlight if either your bed when you were on holiday was unsuitable for you and you body, or if in fact your bed at home needs changing.

Goldilocks really was onto something with the just right theory. So take a leaf out of her book and think about a mattress & bed that’s not too hard, not too soft but just right.

We are great at being ‘terribly British’ when it comes to trying a mattress in a store. This is why people often end up with the wrong mattress. When you are making a relatively large purchase that you will spend a third of your life in is not the time to be shy – go on give it a try! The more time that you spend on selecting the correct bed, the more likely you are to make the right choice. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) produced a great video on how to select the best mattress for you and how to avoid sleep related injuries. Please don’t go to the store without watching it:

So what does a chiropractor sleep on I hear you ask? My personal opinion is that a firm sprung mattress with a memory foam topper is best and that is what I use at home :0)

Believe it or not I take my memory foam topper away with me when I’m camping and yes I do get laughed at when I’m unpacking my car, but guess who gets a supportive & comfortable nights sleep ;0) Another top top is to take your own pillow away with you too, I find that I don’t get any neck aches when I do.

Happy & pain free sleeping folks :0) Until next time, mind your posture (I know you’re probably slouching at your PC) & keep up with your exercises….



When Pain Strikes Whilst Your Chiropractor Is On Holiday

As of the 20th August 2014 I will be away on a London adventure. I have the incredible opportunity of experiencing London chiropractic whilst I am in the city. I will be working out of two clinics, one is in Fenchurch and one is in Highgate. I look forward to writing a little London report for you all – roving reporter style :O)

So, what to do if you have a pain flare whilst the clinic is closed:

  • Use your at home exercises/stretches to try and loosen the affected/painful area off
  • Feel free to call the clinic for advice – I am in clinic until 9pm on Tue 19th Aug and Will is in clinic until 8pm on Thursday 21st and is available for emergency appointments until then should you require one. I will be checking the clinic voice mails each day from Friday 22nd and will return emergency calls – please leave a number so that I can call you back
  • Use Ice – 20 minutes at a time, 2-3 times per day for 2-3 days
  • If you are able to take anti-inflammatory medication – use of over the counter ibuprofen and/or paracetamol
  • If the pain does not resolve with the above it may be worth giving your GP a call for advice/an appointment
  • Travel to London for an appointment with me and have a London adventure too

We hope that you find the above information useful. I’m sure you will join me is wishing Happy holidays to Will who has been an excellent addition to our clinic and has thoroughly enjoyed his first six months in practice. He is making the transition from graduate to chiropractor a seamless one.

Clinic News & Price Increase

Just a little update/clinic news:

I had a lovely time at Barefoot Festival and would highly recommend it. A very relaxed, happy & family friendly local festival. It was fantastic to catch-up with so many talented, intuitive therapists too. Particularly enjoyed the fire show, circus performance workshops & belly dancing. Will be adding hula hoop workouts to my rehabilitation exercises, let’s have a little fun.

Having a lot of patients attend clinic that haven’t visited us in the new premises yet. It can be a little tricky to find so we suggest you check out our links page for a map, satellite imagery and a picture of the main entrance gates. We are set in the grounds of the One Ash Manor Estate on the way into Quorn:

We are very pleased to be working alongside a talented lady called Tracey who is very knowledgeable on vitamin B12 deficiency & blood test results. If you have a blood test for any reason, please do let us know as we would like to take a closer look at those results. Please feel free to read through her informative website:

I have managed to keep my prices at the original fee for the last three years. As the clinic, the treatment types & my experience have all increased, I now need to charge a fee that reflects the service that I provide. From 1st September 2014 my treatment price will increase to £35. All other fees will stay the same and we do not expect prices to rise significantly again in the near future. I will of course honour the current prices for any appointments placed between now and 1st Sep so that you can take advantage of them before the price increase. Will’s treatment price will stay at £30. If you do have any financial difficulties which may interfere with being able to access treatment at the clinic, then please do get in touch with me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support, hard work on your homework & numerous referrals. My business has grown thanks to you spreading the word. As you know I’m passionate about helping people and the clinics Mission Statement is:

‘We champion the rights of every patient to enjoy a life free from pain and discomfort.’

Now, sit up straight and remember to do your exercises ;o)

from a very thankful chiropractor.